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Monday, May 04, 2009

Alberta: Parents can withdraw students from classes where evolution is discussed?

Apparently, under a new Alberta law, evolution classes will be optional. (Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law, CBC, April 30, 2009).
Frank Bruseker, the head of the Alberta Teachers' Association, is meeting with Hancock on Monday to raise his concerns.

"If parents don't want that kind of education for their children they have a couple of options," Bruseker said. "One would be home schooling or private school. So for a public school to start excluding based on religious preference, I think is a mistake."

Bruseker said it would be difficult for teachers to avoid the topic of evolution in science or geography classes.
Okay, let's set the record straight here. This is self-exclusion, not exclusion by the system itself.

Apart from the fact that the policy is wrong, it also sounds unworkable. Won't some students just use "evolution" or "sex" (that's another hitch in the craw, according to the article) as an excuse to get out of the school day early and avoid homework?

Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down. Who would ever have thunk that?

No, seriously, if a parent insists on a student being excluded from a class due to concerns about these topics (and there is plenty to be concerned about), my suggestion is that the student be assigned hard math problems instead.

Look, it can't fail. The students who just want an excuse to lark will be sorry - and won't try it again.

The ones who can't stand the nonsense (current Darwinian evolution theory) or vice (much sex education) will be learning something useful.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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