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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Intelligent design and popular culture: Biomimicry

Here are the fifteen coolest cases of biomimicry.

A friend writes,
In the article "Intelligent design and popular culture: Biomimicry" some errors, likely due to problems in using mathematical symbols by the e-mail servers, the "antinomy of Bionics", as reported in your article, is unintelligible.

Please consider to edit it according to the following version (without mathematical symbols):

1) Intelligence is what creates and improves products and does that inserting CSI into them.
2) Bionics technological products are fully created by intelligence.
3) Bionics products (say B their CSI) mimic nature, but are far less improved and efficient than nature’s products (say N their CSI), then B less than N.
4) Nature’s products are not created by intelligence (according to evolutionism, their CSI is not real), then N equal 0.
5) From #3 (B less than N) and #4 (N equal 0) we have B less than 0.
6) From #2, B greater than 0 (intelligence inserted real CSI when creating them).
7) Then we have in the same time B less than 0 and B greater than 0.

This "paradox of Bionics" is the n-th logical antinomy of evolutionism.

Find out why there is an inteligent design controversy:

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