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Monday, March 02, 2009

The Dino-Bird lands ... again?

A friend directs me to this hilarious huff by Bill Allen of National Geographic:
"Let's say this as clearly as possible: There is no debate among reputable scientists as to the fact of evolution. It is the underpinning of modern biology and has been proven over and over again with every new discovery."
Actually, the underpinning of biology is evidence, not evolution. Put another way, show me a kangaroo and I will believe that marsupials exist. Otherwise, arguments about what evolution might have caused are a worthless paper war among academics.

Which reminds me, another friend note that Allan was the bench editor responsible for the ridiculous Archaeoraptor (= dino-bird) fossil scandal, at his National Geographic magazine.

(Note: I do NOT normally quote Wikipedia as a source in these matters, and do so now only because they are so biased that if they tell you it is a fraud, well, it surely is one, okay? Don't hawk the house to buy a dino bird fossil. Actually, don't hawk the house to buy anything whatever from current materialist science.)


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