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Friday, February 13, 2009

Darwinism and popular culture: Seattle DOESN'T love Lucy? Oh, ... how could they not?

Whodathunkit? The Lucy (yer granny was an ape!!) exhibition is not a big draw, even in Seattle.

A friend writes:
"I actually went to see Lucy yesterday and it was very revealing. Not only was I underwhelmed with the incompleteness of Lucy’s skeleton, but I was struck with the admissions from the video playing with Donald Johansen admitting that he found Lucy’s bones over the course of an entire hillside, and that if there were one more rainstorm, her bones may have been washed away never to be seen again. So what happened in the prior rainstorm to transport her bones from somewhere else? This makes me skeptical that Lucy represents one individual, or one anything. Who really knows."
Look, basically,"Lucy" is a cultural artifact. She didn't need to exist, really. She just needed to serve a purpose at a certain time - to convince people that materialism is true and religions, including Christianity, are false, and living on borrowed time.

Of course, that's nonsense, but it's elite nonsense, so we must defer to it. More troubling: We must also pay taxes to support it.

By the way, just so you know, this is the real Lucy (of "I love Lucy"), an icon of my childhood, and I have no time for anyone who doesn't love her.


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