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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Cambrian explosion: Why Darwinism is just propaganda for a worldview you do not really want

Robert Deyes explains, over at Access Research Network:
The Cambrian 'Expulsion': Crucial Evidence That Kicked Out Darwinian Gradualism

There is one accomplishment that stands out as spectacular for the simple reason that it changed the way scientists looked at the origins of multicellular life. The discovery of the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies by the American geologist Charles Doolittle Walcott in the summer of 1909 was an occurrence that required both good fortune and opportunity (Ref 3, p.42). It likewise satisfies our romantic view of scientific discovery. According to folklore, Walcott was riding on horseback together with his wife Helena and son Stuart when his wife's horse stumbled on a rock. Dismounting his horse, Walcott broke open the rock to reveal a host of soft-bodied fossils (Ref 3, p.42).

In the days that followed Walcott and his party found more fossils amongst the pieces of broken shale that covered the neighboring hillside. So it was that several years later, after a number of return expeditions to the Burgess Shale, Walcott would describe his finding as "the finest and largest series of Middle Cambrian fossils yet discovered" (Ref 3, p.44).
Go here for an intro to the Burgess Shale, also here for more. Darwin, incidentally, knew about the sudden appearance of new life forms, and tried to talk his way out of the problem for his theory, claiming that the fossil record was "incomplete." From what we can tell today, when it is "complete," it will still show sudden appearances. The challenge is to account for that, not to explain it away.


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