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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to the Year of Darwin: Darwin and plagiarism

My friend Malcolm Chisholm writes to say
The Wall Street Journal offers this story about Darwin plagiarizing Wallace [his co-theorist of the theory of natural selection as the origin of new species.]
I went to school in the town where Wallace lived and is buried, and can testify that he is an "un-person" there with almost no public recognition. This has given me a life-long interest in Wallace. However, I have never heard the plagiarism charge before.

What is interesting about the WSJ article is what it ignores. It implies no disagreement between Wallace and Darwin, just an argument over priority. Yet, Wallace was a strong ID believer, for instance explicitly suggesting that angels created the Earth. For this reason the idea that Wallace was more Darwinian than Darwin is ultimately doomed to failure. Hence the need for the Darwinians to treat him like a mad aunt kept in the attic.

Anything that raises the profile of Wallace will eventually "out" Wallace's ID stand, and should be welcomed.

Yes, Malcolm. Darwinism is nothing but an attempt to foist atheism on the public via a creation story that is supposedly "scientific." Anyone who looks underneath it carefully soon realizes that it is not of interest to science as such. Science is about evidence, not speculations.

It is sad to think that so many well-meaning taxpayers are paying for the indoctrination of students into the religion of materialist atheism, via school-based Darwinism, and that dying liberal churches are gladly fronting it. More on that later.

I hope the assets of those churches end up transferred to Third World hospitals, where they will do some good.

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