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Sunday, September 07, 2008

US Election 2008: Barack Obama vs. Trig Palin?

People who have been following the upcoming American election will know that last week featured a sustained media hit on Republican Veep nominee Sarah Palin's family.

Some of the visceral hatred of Sarah Palin is, of course, completely understandable. As commentator Bill Whittle perceptively noted,
Sarah Palin has done more than unify and electrify the base. She’s done something I would not have thought possible, were it not happening in front of my nose: Sarah Palin has stolen Barack Obama’s glamour. She’s stolen his excitement, robbed his electricity, burgled his charisma, purloined his star power, and taken his Hope and Change mantra, woven it into a cold-weather fashion accessory, and wrapped it around her neck.

That no one thought Palin could achieve this may be inferred from Ben Stein's early pointed dismissal (which annoyed many fans of Expelled because Palin is not a Darwin hack). In fairness to Ben, he may have mistaken Palin for one of the cackling horde of entitlement/extortion babes who want to play with the boys - by girls' rules.

No doubt the Dem campaign will regroup tomorrow, but meanwhile, I want to draw attention to the culture war over Trig Palin (the Palins' youngest son, and what it tells us about the culture in which evidence for design in the universe is so very unwelcome.

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