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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Withstanding the test of slime: Darwin's face spotted on Dayton, Tennessee wall ...

The Onion, surest source of up-to-the-minute over-the-top news, reports that the Face of Darwin has been seen on a slimy wall in Dayton, Tennessee ...
Since witnesses first reported the unexplained marking—which appears to resemble a 19th-century male figure with a high forehead and large beard—this normally quiet town has become a hotbed of biological zealotry. Thousands of pilgrims from as far away as Berkeley's paleoanthropology department have flocked to the site to lay wreaths of flowers, light devotional candles, read aloud from Darwin's works, and otherwise pay homage to the mysterious blue-green stain.

[ ... ]

"Over millions of successive generations, a specific subvariant of one species of slime mold adapted to this particular concrete wall, in order to one day form this stain, and thus make manifest this vision of Darwin's glorious countenance," Cosgrove said, overcome with emotion.

"It's a miracle," she added.
Preach it, sister! These are prophetic times indeed, because Darwin's face was also spotted recently on a tree somewhere ...

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