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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Darwin's co-discoverer thought design can be detected in nature?

The evil Discovery Institute (intelligent design central) is offering a couple of podcasts of interest, one on Wallace, Darwin's co-discoverer of natural selection, in which they note ,
Many credit Alfred Russel Wallace, who along with Darwin co-presented the theory of natural selection in letters to the Linnean Society of London, 150 years ago this year. But few seem to remember that, contrary to Darwin, Wallace actually believed that it was possible to detect design in nature. So, what would modern Darwin defenders make of Wallace today?
That's probably why you don't hear much about him.

Also, John West offers some thoughts on Thomas Jefferson and intelligent design:

Critics of intelligent design sometimes claim they are defending the principles of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson in trying to ban discussions of intelligent design. In the words of one writer, “Thomas Jefferson makes it quite clear that there was not a consensus of support among the authors of the Constitution... to support theological doctrines such as intelligent design.” But would Thomas Jefferson himself agree? In this special July 4th edition of ID the Future, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John West explores the real views of Jefferson on intelligent design.

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