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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jailed Canuck media mogul Conrad (Tubby) Black endorses ID-friendly Jindal for McCain's veep

Saith the Tubby one:
Especially given McCain’s age, he will have to avoid the Dan Quayle-Bill Miller temptation to choose a bozo. (Miller, the 1964 Republican nominee, was a congressman, party chairman and pool hall owner from Lockport, New York. He is best remembered for locking himself out of his hotel room in mid-campaign, when he had no clothes on nor even a towel.) Now that the “WASP male only need apply” sign has been torn down, pulverized into particle board and burned, why shouldn’t McCain take the 36-year-old, East Indian, ex-Hindu, Roman Catholic convert, politically and religiously conservative, governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal? The melting pot that America has boasted about since George Washington’s visit to the Newport Synagogue is an idea whose time has come, like the era of the non-Italian pope. (National Post, June 20, 2008)
Well, Louisiana guv Bobby Jindal supports the Louisiana academic freedom bill that allows teachers to voice objections to Darwinism. (David Edwards and Andrew McLemore, "The Raw Story"June 15, 2008):

“I’m a Christian,” Jindal said. “I do think that God played a role in creating not only the earth but mankind. Now the way that he did it, I’d certainly want my kids to be exposed to the very best science. I don’t want any facts or theories or explanations to be withheld from them because of political correctness.”

Jindal said that local school districts should decide for themselves what theories to teach and that federal and state governments should stay out of the equation.
Right on, Bobby! If that plan carries, we will need a special unemployment lineup for Darwin lobbyists. ("Now, sir, when did you last do any useful work in real science? We don't count lobbying for or against Darwin.")

Re the Tub Himself: Most Canadian legacy journalists never liked him, though he paid their salaries. He was not a leftist and they mostly were. He also had a bad habit of suing starving hacks, which was a just cause for hatred. But I never heard it said that the Tub was anybody's fool. So we'll see.

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