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Saturday, April 12, 2008

As Expelled film set to open, Darwin lobby sets up attack site

So far the film is set to open. According to the Expelled Chronicle,
By it’s April 18th national release, EXPELLED producers know that a minimum of 900 US theaters will screen the satirical documentary, making it one of the widest documentary releases in US film history. Film distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures has estimated that 1,000 screens will be booked by opening day.

Providing immense assistance in getting the word out is Eugenie Scott's Darwin lobby, National Center for Science Education, which has dedicated a Web site, Expelled Exposed, to attacking the film.

Unfortunately, the site is kind of dull, just long rows of press releases from people attacking the film, et cetera. Mostly just who you would expect, but without the giant lizard graphics and the threats of imminent barbarian invasion. Some kind soul should give them a grant to put some spark in it.

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