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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanted: Social scientist to study Expelled release

The release of Expelled is a marvellous opportunity for a social scientist. In addition to the people who may safely be expected to love the film, there are the people who may be expected to hate it, and are lining up to trash it. You will end up thinking it is two different films. Re the trash squad, they could just as well write their reviews from the pub across the street, and their fans would not mind.

Here are Scientific American honchoes predictable dumps on the film. Interesting that Guillermo Gonzalez, a Darwinist target, was actually one of SciAm's cover stories a couple of years ago. They seem to have forgotten that. Well, he is in the film as one of the Expelled, so judge for yourself.

Oh, and here is Roger Friedman of Fox News predicting career ruin for Ben Stein. Actually, on the contrary, many people who had never heard of Ben Stein before will soon consider him a household name. (Note: You must scroll down; the top item is Mariah Carey.)

It strikes me that these people are stuck in some kind of time warp. They don't understand that they have not demonstrated their case for Darwinism or materialism. What they have demonstrated is arrogance, bullying, close-mindedness, and an insistence on relying on unreasonable explanations that defend their theories instead of reasonable ones that accord with facts. See, for example, the strange tale of the peacock's tail at Design of Life blog.

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