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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thinkquote of the day: Origin of "denial" as alleged problem

Recently, I expressed my appreciation to the folk at for drawing attention to this humble blog. Meanwhile, columnist Suzanne Fields explains the origin of their concept:
"Denial" came out of the therapyspeak prevalent in the middle of the 20th century, especially as it was applied to confronting the reality of mortality. It was popularized as the first stage of grief, but was quickly expanded to include refusal to confront any bad news or disturbing ideas. Like the broken clock that's correct twice a day, denial is sometimes an accurate label for certain behavior, but as a consuming mythology in our culture it becomes the all-purpose description to deny independent thinking. ... This attitude wreaks enormous havoc when it is applied to public issues.

A friend considers them "sheep" for their silly attacks on paleontologist Rick Sternberg, because he sometimes attends conferences sponsored by creationists. For example, one little lamb bleats"
"Sternberg does have a history of collusion and shepherding as well: his own paper was "reviewed" (very critically, I'm sure) by fellow baraminologist Todd Wood, and DI Fellows Paul Nelson and Jonathan Wells."

Presumably, that's not something they would ever dare to do. Clearly, Sternberg is worse than a shepherd; he is a wolf in wolf's clothing. But I digress; the fact is, that has attracted new interest to my blog and for that I am so grateful that I am going to provide here a link to "Where Sheep May Safely Graze".
P.S.: A friend notes that what got the affirming lambs bleating was this paper by Sternberg, where he thanks "Drs. Paul Nelson, Stanley Salthe, Jonathan Wells, and Todd Wood", at least some of whom dare to doubt Darwin.

But, oh dear, the lambs of affirmation are now becoming a bore, because another friend now insists I comment on this silliness, where they try but fail to get used to the fact that many very disparate people disbelieve Darwinism on the flimsy evidence. The fact that Darwinism is the creation story of materialism means nothing if one is not a materialist - so ID types do not need to fight with YECs, even if they disagree with them about the age of the earth. Too simple - must be a conspiracy.

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