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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shrill screeds best evidence for Darwinism?: I guess so ...

Apparently, a shrill screed has been accepted for the science journal Gene on "Intelligent design and biological complexity", announcing that

Europe so far blissfully seems to have remained relatively immune to the intellectual virus named “intelligent design”. This virus certainly is a problem in the country in which I have lived over the last thirty years, the United States, where about 40% of the people are said to believe that evolution never took place, that evolution is just a theory, not a fact, and a wrong theory at that. To give themselves an edge, the “creationists” – the dominant stripe of anti-evolutionists in the United States -- have decided some years ago (Pennock, 2003) to dress up in academic gear and to present themselves as scholars who rise in defense of a legitimate alternative scientific theory, intelligent design. Clearly, in the US it is not sufficient to laugh off this disguise. Creationists have proven to exert a sometimes decisive influence on the American political process and thereby on world history. Their educational and political militancy, linked to erroneous beliefs, are weighty reasons to keep them in check.

It goes on. And on. Well, if this is their idea of science, Darwinism is clearly in a steep decline. If I did not know that already, I sure would now.

If you want to know what intelligent design theory is really about read tech guru George Gilder. Why be ignorant, when information is free?

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