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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Coffee!! Latest non-Cambrian non-explosion

A friend asks a bunch of us if we are as incredulous of Darwinist attempts to explain away the Cambrian explosion as he is. Well, I always say, try me on some of the latest nonsense, and he did. It is conveniently here, in relations to the Dengying fossils in southern China (541 to 551 million years ago):
The first instance of biomineralization – i.e. the biologic use of minerals – was around 2 billion years ago when certain bacteria precipitated grains of magnetite to apparently help orient themselves in the Earth's magnetic field. However, the first animal skeletons didn't appear until right before the Cambrian explosion, at the end of the Ediacaran Period.

These early shell-bearing creatures help to resolve Charles Darwin's concern over the sudden appearance of so many new animal species during the Cambrian explosion. The fossil record gives the impression of a "Creation" event, but in reality, animals had evolved prior to the explosion. They just didn't leave much for paleontologists to find until they developed the skeleton-making trait.
Reminded me of something:
The first time anyone wondered about thefts from the liquor store was on March 22, when a couple of guys appeared to be loitering with intent. However, the first theft of cash and cases of liquor didn’t occur until June 29, at the end of the subsequent accounting period.

This reported theft helps to resolve management's concern over the sudden disappearance of so much cash and so many cases during the night of June 29. The inventory record gives the impression of a major theft, but in reality, lots of cash and cases had gone missing prior to the reported heist. They just didn't leave much for investigators to find because they weren’t logged into inventory in the first place.
Hardline Darwinists obviously fear the Cambrian explosion the way crooks fear an honest investigator. You can play their claim game yourself:
The first __________ was on/around ___________ when ______________. However, the first __________ didn't ___________ until _____________________.

This ___________ helps to resolve ____________’s concern over the sudden ________ of so many __________ during the ___________. The _________ record gives the impression of a __________, but in reality, ____________. They just didn't leave much for ___________ to find because they (in some way, you make it up, couldn’t be traced) ________________.
I guess in the world of Darwin, that counts for an explanation.


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