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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intellectual freedom news roundup

A friend, S. T. Karnick, has been sending me articles from American Thinker, and I figured I had better post the links, as many may be of interest to readers here:

Karnick tells me that a ratings-hungry US TV host accused a US senator’s daughters of being
Like anybody else, Griffin has a right to say whatever she want to whoever will listen. And those who oppose her and others’ destruction of the nation’s public discourse have a right to be heard as well. It is time for each of the most egregious instances of behavior such as Griffin’s to be answered directly.
Karnick is right to say that politics in a democratic society is badly served when people resort to such tactics - I assume to win ratings wars in a sinking mainstream media system.

We are having a similar problem here in Canada, where some are seeding a rumour that our Prime Minister and his wife are separating. But when I checked with an informed source, I found that it was not confirmed as true. It may have been a seeded rumour, intended to destabilize his government.

If anyone cares, the fact is, we could end his government at the polls. That is the way our political system is supposed to work.


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