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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just up at Future Tense

If you are here to find stories about the intelligent design controversy, scroll down. Today is the day I do volunteer work for The Word Guild, an orgnaizatin of Canadian writers who are traditional Christians like me.

So here are my contributions to Future Tense, a blog sponsored by The Word Guild, to provide information and help to all interested writers during a historic transition to new media.

If you ever thought you wanted to write an article or a book, have a look:

Books: What sales mean and what they don't (Like ... what's your blood group?)

How writers and publishers are coping with the recession? (Ramen noodles, basically)

Bailout for newspapers: Who would have imagined it? (Die, monster, die)

Top religion books of 2008 (Single whoop.)

Google: This is just SO not your father's brown paper bag censorship! (Here's why you don't get access to all the news.)

Heads up when you either read or write traditional media: Conflict of interest may increase!

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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