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Thursday, August 10, 2006

SPECIAL!! Five-star religion-and-science bore banished to horrid 1960s rec room!

In an article in Skeptical Inquirer Paul Kurtz announced that religion and science are compatible:

... there is an appropriate domain for religion, and in this sense science and religion are not necessarily incompatible. That domain is evocative, expressive, emotive. Religion presents moral poetry, aesthetic inspiration, and dramatic expressions of existential hope and yearnings.

In other words, religion represents what yer know ain't so.

I don't imagine he'll sell too many of those to people who take their faith seriously.

More to the point, the relevant question is not whether "religion" and "science" are compatible. When categories are as broad as that, anything can be compatible with anything else, or not. The relevant question for Western culture is whether Judaeo-Christianity and Darwinism are compatible. The Pope, to give an example, seems to think not. Some intelligent and progressive Muslims are getting restless too. Stay tuned.

What about "Five-star religion-and-science bore banished to horrid 1960s rec room!"? Aw, that was just an example of my "dramatic expressions of existential hope and yearnings." I guess you guys all prefer facts. Yeah, I kind of thought so. You guys are a tough crowd.

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