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Friday, July 08, 2005

Are Christians playing "a losing game" by seeing evidence for God in the universe?

Science writer Margaret Wertheim warns us in Why Science Can't Show Us God against taking the evidence for God based on the structure of the universe seriously, saying

By equating God with the "structure and function" of the material world, Christians play a losing game. As the Jesuit philosopher Michael Buckley has pointed out, rational inference can never substitute for personal experience of the divine - which is, and must remain, the grounding of faith.
Interestingly, Wertheim likes to describe herself as a "long lapsed Catholic", which makes me wonder why she is anxious to instruct practising Christians in how they should understand their faith in relation to matters of public fact, such the structure and function of the material world. Personal experience of the divine that is divorced from public fact risks being a delusion.

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