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Friday, May 13, 2005

Is the Darwin Fish an endangered species?

Jonah Goldberg takes after the frightened whine of the Darwinists that if anyone is allowed to question Darwinism (the theory that life moved from mud to mind in 15 billion easy and obvious steps), we will soon find ourselves in a theocratic state. Why? We didn’t have a theocratic state before Darwinism, so why should we after it?

I can take the somber, frightened "special reports" on National Public Radio, where you can literally hear the correspondents wringing their hands over the possibility that the "Darwin fish" affixed to their Volvos will be banned. I can even handle the dog-whistle shrieks of Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd types about the looming Inquisition led by an alliance of the new German (wink, wink) pope and the Kansas Board of Education. [both the new Pope and the Kansas Board have questioned Darwinism recently - d.]

But the most recent episode of NBC’s doddering “Law & Order” series is where I draw the line. The episode tells the story of a racist who committed murder nine years ago but who, in shame and remorse, subsequently found Jesus and was born again. In the nine years since he dedicated himself to Christ, he has led an exemplary life. But his guilt is discovered, and he decides to confess and show true contrition.

Goldberg’s screed mainly concerns a stupid TV program, as you will see. But the program is very much the kind of thing that people whose logo is a fish with rubber-boots feet would listen to for clues about their future. Advice to such persons: Tea leaves are more relaxing and just as useful. Honest. (Find out more about my book,, go to By Design or by Chance? )


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