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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A second open letter to Guy Earle

Guyzini, old cat, you might remember me, the Toronto granny who encouraged you in the early stages of what has now become a five-star “human rights tribunal” debacle. Good for you, pursuing it to the Supreme Court and I’ll back you. But couple things first:

First, you may lose the case, which further endangers the civil rights of everyone who does NOT live by the growing monster of government. Still, you might win. But either way, Five Feet of Fury  is doubtless right in thinking that no help can come from the political class itself now. The revolt must begin from below and be fueled by the monstrosities people like yourself endure.

The key hope is, know the territory and its inhabitants. See, you’ve now learned what it really means to be “transgressive.” Your friends thought transgressive is a tee shirt titter, but you were transgressive, and are you laughing now?

No, please listen: Many think they are “transgressive” when they offend people who have no social power. People like that used to be called “snobs” and “bullies.” But times change, and so do values and terminology. Now those people are culture heroes, and you are a villain who must be humiliated, degraded, and rendered penniless, as crowds cheer.

And what did you really do? You transgressed “group rights”, the key Nanny State concept. What are you, compared with an aggrieved group, whose grievances cash out into ever more power over all of our lives for governments that rule by shakedown?

Second, please let’s face real enemies, not pretend ones. Recently, I was listening to someone carry on about growing religious power in politics, and he opined that one couldn’t make a Monte Python “Life of Brian” film today. I hit the remote. Why? Because that’s not true. The Next Big Thing might well be a lavish big screen porno flick on Jesus. And if the producer’s idea of persecution is some fundies helping his box office by picketing on the sidewalk, couldn’t he better understand what persecution really means by walking in your shoes for, oh, ‘bout the decade it’ll take you overall?

Meanwhile, if he tried that with the life of Mohammed, he’d be head-absent, but he’s too much of an oops-on-the-carpet to admit that. Guy, people who can’t say “radical Islam” or “gay fascism” are AWOL, and you can’t afford them right now.

Some claim you made a mistake by trying to reach out to grievance groups. If so, past is past. In general, such groups can’t accept peace offerings; they understand and live by plunder.

We press on, keep me posted. My blog really is on hold till I get a very challenging book off my back, but be sure I will do what I can. And I fear no one but God.

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