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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last cup of coffee!! At last - a man for Misshelver!

A friend has discovered another Darwin troll “reshelving” books:

Reshelving antievolution books in the name of science

Every time I go into the Hastings bookstore here in Butte, Montana, I get annoyed to see antievolution books in the science section, especially since these books are not scientific in their antievolutionism, but motivated by the intelligent design movement or other religious factors. So, I usually remove the books from the science section and reshelve them in the religion section. Usually I find the books eventually returned to the science section, and wonder if the bookstore employee returning them ever thinks, “Why do these particular books keep ending up in the religion section?”

So, I keep moving them. Today I went to Hastings and had my camera with me. The copy of Signature in the Cell I moved a few months ago was in neither the science nor religion section, and was probably purchased. Today I moved The Edge of Evolution and The Darwin Myth away from the shelve directly under where copies of Dawkins’s The Greatest Show on Earth were, and placed them next to – I just had to – the Adventure Bible and the Princess Bible in the religion section. [links inserted by post author]
I bet the troll “just had to.” His selfish genes made him do it.

He should meet Misshelver, another self-absorbed Darwin nit who thinks little of other citizens’ rights.

By the way, spend your Christmas money on these books, given that they are an anxiety for trolls. If you could order from Hastings, all the better. Anyway, boasts like this tell you what to expect if Darwinists get to be even more of a power in the land. Take heed if your head of state announces an affection for Darwinism.


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