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Friday, November 05, 2010

Very Weak Anthropic Principle: Is this the Principle going, going gone?

Friends tell me that British theistic evolutionist* Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute spoke at Baylor University recently on the "Very Weak Anthropic Principle."

I've heard of the Anthropic Principle, which essentially means that the universe appears fine-tuned for intelligent life.

I've also heard of the Weak Anthropic Principle, namely,
The weak anthropic principle states that the ways that the universe might be observed to be is limited by the fact that observation requires the existence of observers. It is impossible to observe a universe that does not permit the existence of observers; only a universe that permits the existence of observers could be observed.
So what's the Very Weak Anthropic Principle, I wonder? The observers are a buzz of neurons that have evolved in such a way that they imagine that a self exists and is observing? Or?

Anyway, if neo-Darwinists take Dr. Alexander seriously, won't he get rolled no matter what he says - if it isn't strict materialist Darwinism? Anyone remember Michael Reiss?

I am not picking up much on the 'Net.

* God indeed dun it, but there is almost no evidence for that fact.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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