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Monday, November 08, 2010

The very idea of design in the universe utterly obliterated: Chronicle 4382

In "Creationism lives on in US public schools" (New Scientist 20 October 2010), John Farrell revisits the Dover trial:
IN DOVER, Pennsylvania, five years ago, a group of parents were nearing the end of an epic legal battle: they were taking their school board to court to stop them teaching "intelligent design" to their children.
But the monster never sleeps, it seems:
None of this means that the Discovery Institute, the Seattle-based think tank that promotes intelligent design, has been idle. The institute helped the conservative Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), headed by Christian minister Gene Mills, to pass a state education act in 2008 that allows local boards to teach intelligent design alongside evolution under the guise of "academic freedom".
Who told these Cajuns that they have the same right to question Darwin as the Altenberg 16 or philosopher Jerry Fodor? Actually, no one should have the right, but definitely not Cajuns. And it gets worse all the time:
Five years after the landmark case, the battle for science education continues. But for the plaintiffs and their representatives this does not detract from the achievement. Their lead attorney, Eric Rothschild, sums it up: "If we'd lost, intelligent design would be all over the place now".
Earth to planet Rothschild: It already is.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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