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Thursday, June 10, 2010

ID founder Phillip Johnson a Catholic convert - who knew?

Well, the person who knows that this is true is the author of a widely noted recent Canadian anti-Christian hatefest called The Armageddon Factor (Random House Canada 2010).

In this screed, McDonald claims that Phillip Johnson is a “convert to Roman Catholicism” (p. 198).

Johnson and his wife - whom I contacted - would be astounded to hear this. The Johnsons are staunch Presbyterians, with no intention whatever of swimming the Tiber.*

By the way, did you know that, as a breathless McDonald asserts, a resurgent Christian right is trying to take over Canada? You didn’t? Well, don’t bother knowing now. Worry about real issues instead.

Unless you think that Baptist ministers flew planes into the World Trade Center, and load up vehicles with explosives, and ...

Others have complained about numerous errors of fact in McDonald’s book. See here, for example, where a Jewish civil rights lawyer comments that she just “makes stuff up”.

Apparently, traditional fact checkers have gone extinct, and we cannot interest the World Wildlife Fund in the problem.

Here’s a review that carefully sidesteps the issue: McDonald is an anti-Christian bigot with little regard for facts.

More later on what she has to say about me, mostly erroneous.

Don’t buy the book. You would just be putting more errors of fact and nonsense in circulation, helping the post-modern cult of “I am entitled to my own facts, even in situations that are not even under dispute.”

* becoming Roman Catholics

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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