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Friday, May 21, 2010

Intellectual freedom in Canada: In Toronto, Nazis are considered victims of “hate crimes” - no, really!

Well, it had to happen, right? See here. Yaacov Ben Moshe comments,
This really is a shocker! Bernie [Farber, Canadian Jewish Congress head] makes a career out of making sure that a person's statements are judged not by their validity and truth but rather by whether or not they cause distress or foster hatred and then he is surprised that even Nazis can have distress and be "victims" of hatred.

We are all victims now, it seems. Just think how the poor National Socialists must fell! Millions of Jews throwing themselves into trenches and shooting themselves in the back or gassing themselves and burning their own bodies in furnaces with the the poor, stunned Nazis standing by in helpless horror! And, still, sixty years later, they are blamed, even reviled and insulted, by the world for the "jew caused disaster" they were powerless to avert.

Too bad, Bernie did not see this coming. Maybe he was too busy building himself a career and a ridiculously inflated reputation on bad law and phony victimology to see where it would lead...

Ben Moshe lives here.

First off, I don’t know how many Nazis there are in Canada who do not work for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. All that this really demonstrates is that anyone at all can play “victim of hate crime,” which is why the concept, and the system it spawns, is inherently corrupt.
Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur

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