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Friday, May 21, 2010

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Freedom crusader Barbara Kay, on video

Barbara Kay and her son Jonathan are two fearless columnists at the National Post, who speak out against dumbing down, victimology, political correctness, and other disastrous social trends. I heard her speak the other night, and here is a vid.

Kay was refreshing because she was even-handed. She spoke of the persecution mentality generally, mentioning - for example - the administrative and student council hounding of pro life student groups on campus, as well as the “diversity” racket in general.

Diversity racket: All types of diversity are accepted at a university except intellectual diversity. I would say, don’t give your alma mater another cent until it dumps faux diversity in favour of the real, intellectual diversity for which a university exists.

Otherwise, why fund it? If all you want is diversity, as such, help fund the Toronto Transit Commission! They are on a fundraising tear just now, with the Mayor of Toronto coming on the public address system every ten minuters, recently, telling people to write to the Premier about it.

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur

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