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Friday, May 21, 2010

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Clearing out the inbox - Civil rights roundup

The reason I haven’t been blogging much recently is that I have been proofreading a rather large but very interesting book, The Nature of Nature, the papers from the conference of that name in 2000. In it, all sides weigh in on the intelligent design controversy, from many angles. I hope to get back to regular blogging shortly.

Regular readers of this space will know that I take a keen interest in the assault on civil rights in Canada by “human rights” bodies, of which Canada has 14. These bodies essentially manufacture “rights” out of thin air, blundering into media, religion, entertainment, and just about anything else they think needs regulating (think: everything). For more, read Shakedown, Lights Out, or Tyranny of Nice.

Brave Canadians are beginning to fight back, but, sadly, too many wait until “human rights” strikes someone close to them. Then they run around shrieking “What’s happening?!”

Only what happened to all the people whose plight you ignored, fella. And now that it has happened to you, others will say, “Oh well, he must have done something wrong.”

Here is a roundup of recent events (not exhaustive), with comments interspersed. For regular coverage, go to MarkSteyn, Ezra Levant, Five Feet of Fury, Blazing Cat Fur, or Deborah Gyapong.

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