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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee!!: Takin out the trash

I always know that I am halfway down the hall with the coffee wagon when someone writes me to say, "You are not going to believe this ...."

Friend, where Darwinism is concerned, one can believe anything, everything, or nothing. Truth, falsehood, and nonsense are all the same in that line of work.

Anyway, he writes,

I still can't believe this happened.

Not too very long ago , I sharpened 3 'Turquoise' brand drawing pencils... (7H, 2H and B)..., tossed them into a large black plastic trash bag along with a 9" x 7" pristinely white/blank piece of hot press illustration board, closed it up with a "twisty-tie" and then randomly bounced, jiggled, shook, rattled and rolled the bag and its contents for an extended period of time. When I finally opened the bag and peaked inside, I was absolutely flabbergasted at what I saw.....

It was a picture that ( to me anyway) looked like the "Swirling Primordial Soup and the Beginning of Life".

When I saw it, all I could mutter was, "Holy cow!....and then..."HOLY COW!"

I am still shaking at the wonder, the power and the blind LUCK of the randomly undirected and purposeless energy of nature unleashed.

I know you won't believe it happened this way but I swear on Dawkins' latest book that it's true.

And here's a picture to prove it.
I am not sure if my friend wants credit for his incredible discovery, but if he does, I will put his name in here.

Is there any thesis about origins that is so implausible that conventional modern Darwinism would not support it?

Actually, my friend is Tom Graffagnino, as he has just given me permission to post.

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