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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Ann Coulter visit

Controversial American lawyer and commentator descended on Canada, facing predictable demands from current and future tax burdens that she be charged with/censored for hate speech. More here.

Latest here: Coulter files human rights complaint in Canada. I hope exposing the shakedown scandal to the world will have a good effect.

Gets better: Also, the anti-Coulter disgrace to Canada (like, we can’t think for ourselves, and need these people to do it for us? Bad enough we would need anyone - just so not true - but THEM?)

Original post. Update here. Just so you know what happens here when you hit the entitlement mob in the breadbasket.

One reason why Coulter got hated was setting straight the issues in the intelligent design controversy, against a host of tax burdens and foundation burdens. (Generally, reader, you are paying for Darwinism through your taxes, no matter how much ridiculous nonsense it fronts.)

It is true that Coulter doesn’t mince words about what she thinks. But so? If you don’t think she is worth listening to, don’t listen to her. Go home, have a hot chocolate, and watch the hockey game. Anyway, chill out.

A friend writes to say, advising one of her supporters,
I think - seriously – he should claim as her "identifiable group"... "American." It would be a fantastic way to get Canadians to face up to their chronic, rapid anti-Americanism in a public forum
I think Five feet of Fury is right, on the evidence. In Canada, to benefit from the “human rights” shakedown, you need to claim to belong to an identifiable group.

Americans are an identifiable group. They even have birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licences to prove it.

Also, there is a shameful history in Canada of using anti-Americanism to bolster national pride in order to support failing social and economic strategies.

The reality is that Americans are our very best customers. They run a stable society, jail criminals - and pay for what they want instead of taking it by force. At least, that is our history with them. If someone else has a different history, they should be free to tell their own story.

That is one thing I have always said about my American customers: You give them the job to specifications, and they will pay.

If Americans start to see anything like our “human rights” commission creep ( and I do mean “creep” in both senses), they will need the support of Canadians who have been through it, and in many cases fought and won.

Hat tip: Five Feet of Fury

(Note: I operate this news service for non-Canadians and ex-pats, assuming they would only want the skinny. For better and more up to date service go regularly to Five Feet of Fury, Blazing Cat Fur, Ezra Levant, and MarkSteyn. )

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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