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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Access Research Network's top ten media-related intelligent design stories for 2009 #7

7. Michael Behe Expelled from Bloggingheads.

On August 26, 2009, an interview between John McWhorter and Michael Behe about Behe's recent book Edge of Evolution [- which discussed limits to Darwinian evolution -] appeared on Within hours the interview disappeared with this message "from" McWhorter posted by the administrator: "John McWhorter feels, with regret, that this interview represents neither himself, Professor Behe, nor Bloggingheads usefully, takes full responsibility for same, and has asked that it be taken down from the site. He apologizes to all who found it’s airing objectionable.” A public outcry resulted, due to the seemingly open-minded editorial policy of the organization (“We pride ourselves on having a diversity of views in our diavlogs and an accordingly diverse comments section, where thoughtful disagreement is expressed in civil terms.”)

Cooler heads prevailed at Bloggingheads and the Behe interview was reinstated with an apology. Michael Behe reported on the experience one day before the interview reappeared.

Journalist Denyse O’Leary, who covers intelligent design and other controversial issues, comments, “The central issue here is that media are not public relations agencies. If a person agrees to discuss a controversial topic in public, they have no business demanding that the medium scrub whatever they said or did later just because it generated some heat. Wouldn’t every politician in the country want that? Congratulations to Bloggingheads for rethinking their position and taking a stand now.”

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[Not much more to say here than this: If McWhorter said it, he said it, whatever it was. And he should just live with that. Media get special privileges in society for the specific reason that we are NOT a public relations agency. I can flash my press card and get to the head of the line. But the fact that some guy doesn't think a particular interview did him any good is not a reason you shouldn't hear my story. Maybe the opposite.]

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