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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Access Research Network's top ten media-related intelligent design stories for 2009 #8

8. Federal Court Dismisses Evolutionist Lawsuit in Texas.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on March 31, 2009 by a former Texas state science curriculum director, Chris Comer, who alleged that she was illegally fired for sending out an e-mail about a lecture criticizing those who want to teach alternatives to evolution in science classes. While National Center for Science Education and national media saw the matter as evidence of discrimination against evolutionists, Internal Texas Education Agency (TEA) documents obtained by Texans for Better Science Education (TBSE) under the Texas public information act reveal that Comer had a long history of “insubordination” and “misconduct.” Comer had been disciplined for at least eight separate incidents, seven of which had nothing to do with evolution. As Mark Ramsey of TBSE observed in an earlier press release “It appears that Ms. Comer was not fired, but resigned after a history of disciplinary issues. If Darwinists want to create a scandal and invent a martyr for their cause, they appear to have picked the wrong case.”

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[Yes, I think they did indeed pick the wrong case. It can be difficult for a civil servant to acknowledge the fact that civil service often means that one cannot just run the joint whatever (legal) way one likes, in the same way that a private contractor would run her business. A contractor's policies make sense or not, and she makes money or not - but civil service involves rules worked out over centuries, and taxpayers are required by law to fund it. I am glad that this case put a limit to Darwinian arrogance. Either Comer was of use to TEA or she was not. Perhaps, she will do better in the private sector, but learning to listen would be a really good start.]

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