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Friday, February 05, 2010

Access Research Network's top ten media-related intelligent design stories for 2009 #5

5. Discover Magazine Names Forrest Mims to Top 50 Brains in Science List. While Ben Stein and Michael Behe were “expelled” for pursuing intelligent design concepts, Discover Magazine stood by its decision to name ID sympathizer, Forrest Mims III, to its 50 Most Important, Influential, and Promising People in Science list in the December 2008 issue. Known for his work in atmospheric research and publications in 70 magazines and science journals, Mims once lost his columnist job at Scientific American because he was not a Darwin sympathizer. According to Dennis Wagner, ARN Executive Director, “Perhaps this is a sign of progress in the Darwin and Design debate when a scientist is recognized for his achievements, rather than expelled for his opinions.”

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[I would have put this story higher, myself, because I think it signals a focus in science on real achievement, rather than touching one's cap to approved public nonsense. I had some correspondence on the choice with the editors. I pointed out in passing at Uncommon Descent that the problem with political correctness is as follows: Let's say, we remove ten scientists from the top 50 because they have politically incorrect opinions (as Darwin certainly did). With whom will we replace them? Ten scientists we had formerly thought to be lesser achievers. This is the classic recipe for the mediocrity in which all politically correct systems crash land.]

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