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Monday, December 21, 2009

Human evolution: Ardipithecus, humans, and chimps

Someone wrote to me recently, asking
Ever since the reporting of Ardi, I expected a commentary of it on your blog but so far I have found none unless I missed it. I'm curious to what you have to say about it since the researchers of Ardi claim chimps may have descended from us. That being the case then evolution's tree of life would have to be reimagined. Thoughts?
I think Jean Auel did the best job in Clan of the Cave Bear, and she even admitted that she was writing fiction. Which, in my view, puts her way ahead of dozens of profs who can tell me exactly how long-dead people - who never left any writings behind - thought about stuff like religion and family life.

Anyway, I am putting this to the commenters. What do you think about Ardipithecus? An ancestor of us? Of chimps? Both?

You can go here to comment.

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