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Friday, October 23, 2009

Canada slips in media freedom rankings

As if we didn't guess this would happen, due to the endless disgrace created by "human rights" commissions. As Ezra Levant writes,
The Canadian Human Rights Commission and its megalomanaic chief commissioner, Jennifer Lynch, have disgraced Canada on the international stage.

According to the annual report by Reporters sans Frontieres (that's French for Reporters without Borders) Canada has plunged from 13th place to 19th place in the world, in terms of press freedom. Here's a CP wire story on the subject.

Chris Waddell, a journalism professor quoted in that story, attributes part of that plunge to the increasing bullying of reporters by Canada's human rights commissions -- and Lynch's CHRC is mentioned in particular.
What bothers me most is efforts to pretend that these people do some good somewhere, so therefore it is all okay. What I say is, get RID of the current practitioners of "human rights," and then we will see whether the agency as such is worth salvaging.

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