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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Podcasts in the intelligent design controversy 1: Evolution's Glass Ceiling

On this episode of ID the Future, acclaimed author and Discovery Institute senior fellow David Klinghoffer takes a look at the academic freedom — or lack thereof — for scientists who support intelligent design, scientists who are forced to don disguises and go underground in order to protect their careers.

This podcast is based on Mr. Klinghoffer's commentary in Townhall Magazine,
"Evolution's Glass Ceiling."
Go here to listen.

[From Denyse: Yeah, tell me about it. I hear this stuff all the time. It was hilarious to hear people insisting that the Expelled film was false at the same time as expulsions continue, with their approval I suspect. It is hard for materialists to accept a genuine challenge. They are used to continued tactical retreats, usually from well-meaning tenured theists who hope to be treated nicely. Not a chance, if you go by the "new atheists." But things are slowly changing.]

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