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Monday, August 03, 2009

Evolutionary psychology: David Warren on beautiful women

In "The mystery of beauty", Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren (August 2, 2009), skewers another "evolutionary psychology" shish-kebob:
One of the great attractions of popular Darwinism, as a financial investment, is its appeal to what we in the media refer to, in our jaded way, as the "tabloid audience." That is to say people who, through no fault of their own (lack of education, native dullness, mental injury, etc.) are extremely credulous. You can sell stuff to them that you just couldn't sell to -- you know, "people like us."

From another point of view, it may be a misfortune that our schools and media have been working, for decades now, on expanding this "tabloid audience." But that has been a subject for many other days. Today we're only looking at the business angle.

The incredible tabloid Darwinian story of this last week was about the evolution of beautiful women. "Scientists," led by Markus Jokela at the University of Helsinki (flag that name), have now "proved" that, for reasons of "sexual selection," women are becoming ever more beautiful, while men remain as ugly as we were in the caves.
I have never been able to figure out why Darwinists don't just denounce and get rid of this crap. Their theory has enough problems in real issues around bacteria and fruit flies, without this tabloid-friendly nonsense.

Surely this isn't all they have to go on? Or? Jathink?

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