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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miller and Darwin's God

Friend Casey Luskin writes,

"There He Goes Again: Ken Miller misrepresents Behe's Arguments on the Immune System."

Well, of course he would, wouldn't he? I've read Behe's Edge of Evolution and Miller's Finding Darwin's God, and - to be charitable to Miller - can find no way of even ranking them in the same category.

Look, let's get this part straight:

Behe fronts real science, but Miller huffs in favour of "evolution." The former was NOT invited to the Vatican for the big Pontifical Academy of Sciences meet - even though he, as a Catholic Christian, is one of the few people who has anything worthwhile to say about the topic (I am assuming that sensible persons will discount
"All together now! "All together now! There is NO conflict between our religion and materialist atheism as long as we ...
Which just shows how corrupt the Pontifical Academy is, and how likely to listen to shallow journalism and academic papers [Hey!! We just PROVED Darwin right! We found a pond snail somewhere that in 18 000 000 generations ... ]

I don't want to - in Miller's phrase - find Darwin's God.

I want to lose him. Okay, I admit I lost him a long time ago.

But he is like a bad husband. I am totally sure I don't want him back.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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