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Friday, July 17, 2009

Darwinism and popular culture: Oh to be merely Darwin's dog ... ?

Just recently, Darwin lobbyist Eugenie Scott was referred to as Darwin's golden retriever. In a similar vein, Richard Dawkins is styled Darwin's Rottweiler.

Yes, yes, it's true, Thomas Henry Huxley was known as Darwin's bulldog, for his dogged defense of his patron's views. But Huxley was socially far inferior to Darwin in a sharply class-based society, so it made intuitive sense that his inferiority be emphasized.

So what's with this modern penchant for self-abasement?

Better to be Darwin's dog than a traditional human being with a mind and soul? Well, they said it of themselves or their friends said it of them. I didn't.

In general, I can't pretend to understand the ridiculous hagiography of the ol' Brit toff Darwin, but go here, here, and here for some fun reads in the new "Darwin" religion, that is catching on with the public like mustard ice cream.


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