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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bradley Monton: Atheist argues that design is serious scientific theory

Apparently, Bradley Monton has just published a book with Broadview Press:
The doctrine of intelligent design is often the subject of acrimonious debate. Seeking God in Science cuts through the rhetoric that distorts the debates between religious and secular camps. Bradley Monton, a philosopher of science and an atheist, carefully considers the arguments for intelligent design and argues that intelligent design deserves serious consideration as a scientific theory.

Monton also gives a lucid account of the debate surrounding the inclusion of intelligent design in public schools and presents reason why students' science education could benefit from a careful consideration of the arguments for and against it.
I sure hope Monton has tenure. Otherwise, he could end up driving truck for a living.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. I once considered it myself, because they really needed stable middle-aged women with small hands to get under the trailer and do some of the fine hitch work - but I knew I didn't have the muscle power. (If you must stomp on a can opener to get it through the lid, you do not have the muscle power for industry. Better stick to freelance journalism, if anyone taught you the trade.)


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