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Friday, May 08, 2009

Tenure if you profess faith in Darwin, ten count to get out if you have questions

Friend Wintery Knight alerts me to this story in the Toledo Blade (May 02, 2009), about Jerry Bergman's book, Slaughter of the Dissidents:

For the last 30 years, Mr. Bergman, 62, has interviewed hundreds of people in academia and documented cases in which he contends that careers were derailed because of doubts about evolution.

The results of his interviews and research are compiled in his latest book, Slaughter of the Dissidents: The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters, published last fall by Leafcutter Press.

The students, professors, and scientists suffered not because they were advocating the teaching of biblical Creationism or Intelligent Design, he said, but for questioning or debating aspects of Charles Darwin's famous theory.

It's an issue Mr. Bergman takes personally.

"In 1979, I was let go by Bowling Green State University openly due to my increasing disillusion with Darwinism," he said in a lecture Monday night at WLMB-TV, Channel 40, Toledo's Christian television station. The two-hour program was filmed before a studio audience of 60 and will be broadcast at a later date, according to Jamey Schmitz, WLMB's president and CEO.

Well, why don't we begin with the fact that, as Will Provine, himself a pure naturalist, crows, 78% of all US evolutionary biologists are pure naturalists (= no God and no free will). This is a fact, and if anyone thinks that fact that doesn't affect decision-making about such questinos as tenure, well, they are pretty naive.

I have often pointed out: Darwinism is the creation story of atheism. No sensible person would believe it except for that. Yes, yes, there are "theistic evolutionists", but they are yesterday's men. The real battle is between the materialist atheists and the theists/advocates of cosmic moral law.


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