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Friday, February 06, 2009

Wintery Knight: Also, some LIKE it cold

In a post on Frank Turek's debate with Christopher Hitchens, on an interesting new blog, Wintery Knight, the Knight comments,
First, here is the syllogism for the argument for a supernatural cause that brings the entire physical universe into being:

Whatever begins to exist requires a cause.

The universe began to exist.

Therefore, the universe requires a cause.

Second, let’s review the 6 fairly recent discoveries that confirm premise 2 with scientific observations. These discoveries reversed the atheism-friendly theory of an eternal universe, and led to the theory of the creation of the entire physical universe out of nothing.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity

the red-shifting of light from distant galaxies

the cosmic background radiation (which also disproves the oscillating model of the universe)

the second law of thermodynamics applied to star formation theory

hydrogen-helium abundance predictions

radioactive element abundance predictions

Why do atheists deny these findings? Probably for emotional comfort ...
Read the rest here.

Well, yes, some like it cold. They think they could organize the universe more easily without meaning, purpose, accountability, or God. Maybe they could. But that is not evidence for their position.

I have added Wintery Knight to the blogroll ("Never a dull moment ...").


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