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Friday, February 06, 2009

Podcasts and video in intelligent design controversy

Podcast: Dr. Robert Marks and the Evolutionary Informatics Lab: Marks, a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ran afoul of Texas's Baylor University when he started to show that a number of computer programs that seek to prove Darwinian evolution mainly prove that hope springs eternal. The U took his Web site down. He has a paper coming up for publication on this subject, if it is not suppressed. Listen here.

Here biologist Ralph Seelke, a University of Wisconsin-Superior prof, explains why Darwin's theory of evolution should not be treated as a Scripture that one is forbidden to doubt or criticize.

Here plant geneticist Mauricio Alcocer Ruthling, Director of Graduate Studies at the Universidad Autónoma in Guadalajara, Mexico, talks about the genetic barriers that limit evolution, based on the study of plants. (I suppose that is why we don't have flower beds outside the local McDonald's with Ronald McDonald's face showing on all the flowers? It's NOT like they wouldn't have thought of it ... )

Here is a video series from the U.S. State of New Mexico on teaching about the evolution controversy, courtesy Joe Renick.

Apparently, in New Mexico,
New Mexico Biological Origins Education Bill
The bill stipulates that teachers cannot be prohibited from including relevant scientific information on either the strengths or weaknesses pertaining to biological and chemical evolution when those subjects are taught in the public schools. (Note that this bill does not place a requirement on teachers.)

The bill pertains solely to the teaching of scientific information and specifically does not protect the promotion of any religion, religious doctrine, or religious belief.

Students may be held accountable for knowing and understanding material taught, but they may not be penalized because they subscribe to a particular position on biological evolution or chemical evolution.
I guess the Darwin Police had better get on this right away.

Darwin police, don't say you haven't been warned. Imagine, this is happening in the Holy Year of the bicentenary of Darwin's birth!

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