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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Podcasts: Listening to the intelligent design controversy

Academic Freedom Day is - not coincidentally - being celebrated on the same day as the ridiculous hagiography of Darwin Day climaxes in 2009.

Also, here's Part II of an interview with Darwin dissenter Geoffrey Simmons, M.D. about evolution and vestigial organs.
What makes a doctor skeptical of Darwinian evolution? How can doctors express their scientific dissent from Darwinism? Listen in as Dr. Simmons shares from his knowledge in the medical field.
And here's Part I.

The whole concept of vestigial organs "proving" Darwinian evolution has always struck me as suspect, and for good reason. First, almost all organs formerly considered vestigial turned out to have a present use. Anyway, even if Darwinian evolution was the main explanation for the life we see around us, vestigial organs should have been eliminated by a Darwinian magic that is so efficient that it can produce the vast variety of life around us.

But ... hey, wait a minute! ...

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