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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A message to my American readers

... who are often kind donors to my PayPal button, which enables me to maintain an independent news desk in the intelligent design controversy.

I wish you Americans a Prague summer forever, not merely a Prague spring.

But even a Prague spring is welcome.

We enjoyed that here last year in Canada - when a number of thugs were forced by good citizens to give up their human prey.

Also, to quit demanding that everyone "talk around" about what happened to disappeared people. (= Aqsa Parvez, a possible teen “honour killing” victim, for example, who was reportedly buried in an unmarked grave, until good citizens took up a collection for an appropriate headstone.*)

(NONE of this is any thanks at all to the government, which generally chooses to strenuously defend the predators! In Canada, it is typically good citizens who beat back the predators and their numerous government/government-funded supporters, using private resources.)

Yes. It’s all horrible. But don’t despair.

There is still a role for the good citizen - the one who neither advises nor submits to arbitrary measures.

We have shown that in Canada in 2008. And we will again in 2009.

Cheers, Denyse

(*Note: I have no private information about what happened in the individual case that will go to trial in the Greater Toronto Area this year. So far, there are only allegations. But the claim that we cannot use the term "honour killing" - let alone the current collaboration of feminists to make it difficult to talk about the problem - is shameful. Good Canadian citizens will say what we think reasonable, until we hear convincing evidence against a given proposition.)

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