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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just up at Future Tense

Future Tense is a blog operated by The Word Guild, an organization of Canadian writers who are Christian. Its purpose is to provide information and help to all interested writers during this historic transition to new media. I was working over there this morning.

Google's proposed settlement with authors of books scanned without permission

Google dumps program for newspaper ads

Christian retailing: One stop shop for the facts

Proposed new free resource for science writers - whether they ever wanted to write about science or not

Rrring!!! tones: What they tell us about the new world of branding - Denyse O'Leary

New bookstore launched to fill R. G. Mitchell's void - Wendy Nelles

Vintage Wendy:
Sounds like this might be the kind of formula that is enabling a few atypical Christian bookstores, such as House of James in Abbotsford, B.C., to survive and thrive. When visiting traditional Christian bookstores in recent years, my reaction is increasingly veering from boredom to frustration to depression. I’ve got huge empathy for people who truly are motivated by wanting to help people by owning or working in Christian bookstores, and who have lost their jobs or businesses.

Yeah, the testimony mints and the fish-shaped candy?

Uh .... can we rethink all this before it gets any worse? If it ever gets round to Jesus toilet paper, I will be tempted to deny that I am a Christian. So if that's happening, don't tell me. I really do not want to know. (I would have to admit that I am a Christian despite the embarrassment, but - as you can imagine - I would not thank the person who brought it to my attention very profusely.)

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