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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Darwin blah blah blah in Toronto?

A friend alerts me to this lecture at the University of Toronto today: "Darwinian Sociocultural Evolution: Evolutionary Solutions to" by by Professor Marion Blute, Sociology Department, University of Toronto:
Darwinism in the social sciences comes in three forms - the gene-based biological, the social learning or meme-based sociocultural, and gene-culture coevolution. The subject of this talk is the second, Darwinian sociocultural evolution. It will sketch seven conceptual/theoretical problems or dilemmas in social and cultural theory and the direction in which evolutionary theory suggests they may be resolved. Then it will go into more depth on the current status of the so far least resolved one - the ideographic or historical versus the nomothetic or scientific approach to evolution.
He prefaces his alert with "Darwin blah blah blah" and I suspect he is right.

So this is what Darwinism has come to? Do all theories die this way, or just those that the school system gets behind?

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