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Friday, December 19, 2008

Why this blog does not allow comments

Here was my reply to someone who wrote to me about that:

Alas, two problems: Bloggers I know are being charged or sued under Canada's "human rights" and defamation systems. The first is an extra-judicial type of body with the force of law whose employees/ex-employees actually post abusive comments and then get the blogger charged if the blogger gets involved. I know it sounds unbelievable but it is true and was admitted under oath.

(There is much material on this - I supply only one link for your convenience but you can Google "Ezra Levant" and "Canadian Human Rights Commission")

They also fish the Internet watching for opportunities. Fellow bloggers warn me when the "human rights" civil servants have been spotted fishing.

Second, I found the abusive loonies you mention simply too numerous to deal with, consistent with actually getting out news, which I consider my primary job.

Few journalists are actually reporting the intelligent design controversy in any depth or making much sense, so decisions about time management were critical.

For your convenience, Uncommon Descent - the principal ID blog - has a troll monitor, and I often link or cross post there. So if you want to interact with my work, I suggest you go to Uncommon Descent for best service.

Thanks for your comments and best greetings of the season,

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