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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Darwinism and popular culture: Merry Christmas, and could we all now try minding our own business about Christian schools?

An Australian school has been cleared of the charge of teaching creationism.

According to Anna Patty of the Sydney Morning Herald
A Christian school that teaches a biblical view of creation in science classes has been cleared of breaching state curriculum requirements for the teaching of evolution.

The NSW Board of Studies has found that Pacific Hills Christian School at Dural has met its requirements for teaching the science syllabus, including evolution, to years 7 to 10 (December 9, 2008)
Mr O'Doherty said Mr Bonnor had misquoted the Pacific Hills science teacher, and Dr Kaye's comments amounted to vilification.
I'll bet. Any time I go to give a talk at a Christian school, it is a pleasure. Clean, non-violent, drug free kids with a low sense of entitlement are worth teaching.

By contrast, I go to schools of which the Darwinist approves and, half the time it is like walking into a den of bears. You can be pretty sure that no one has ever suggested to the kids that the universe might be intelligently designed. Sure, one meets lots of good kids in those schools, but one also meets lots of kids who are, I am afraid, going to learn the hard way.

I would suggest leaving the Christian schools to get on with teaching science, without strategic investigations aimed at tying up their time and resources defending themselves. Especially, let them get on with turning out kids whom you would want as your doctor or nurse when you get sick.

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