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Friday, November 07, 2008

Evolution does and does not predict irreducible complexity, and anyway it doesn't exist ...

I've been meaning for ages to review the pseudonymous* Mike Gene's Design Matrix - and yes, I'll get to it - but for now here is fun post at his blog, summarizing the incontrovertible truth about evolution and irreducible complexity
Chris Ho-Stuart: However, Muller’s claim is that this [IC] is an EXPECTED result of evolution.

Massimo Pigliucci: there is no evidence so far of irreducible complexity in living organisms.

Blue Collar Scientist: Muller’s paper….contains a description of irreducible complexity, along with an explanation of how it comes about through the simplest of evolutionary means. It amounts to a prediction that “irreducible complexity” will actually be found in organisms.

Niall Shanks and Karl Joplin: The redundancy we observe today in effect represents the biochemical and molecular footprints of evolutionary processes in action.

Wikipedia: he described the “interlocking” of biological features as a consequence to be expected of evolution

Wikipedia: It may be that irreducible complexity does not actually exist in nature
Got that, class! Now remember it for the Indoctrinate U entrance exams.

*Mike Gene writes under a pseudonym for the same reasons at the current winner of the student IDEA club award is incognito.


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